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About Paul Draper

Paul Draper - Leadership, Communication & Change Management

A great understanding of people combined with a rich performance background has led Paul Draper to a multi-faceted career as an anthropologist, mentalist, and organizational improvement expert. His warmth and interest in his audiences forms a strong component of his training seminars and shows.

As a former faculty member of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and lecturer at Westminster College and Weber State University, Paul has honed his research and training to improve business and organizational processes. He draws heavily on his Anthropology and Communication studies in his workshops to empower attendees to develop healthy communities.

Paul Draper's training in anthropology makes him a keen observer of human behavior  allowing for his amazing ability to identify key issues and resolve conflicts. His skills are built on an uncanny talent for reading and understanding the thoughts and the emotions of others. He uses these talents to teach and entertain audiences how to improve their lives. Paul Draper teaches how to build upon our natural abilities to create rapport and hone sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others.

As a motivational speaker and trainer, Paul Draper uses his wide array of leadership and team motivational abilities to educate, train, and motivate others. He has worked with an extensive range of people of all abilities, cultures, religions, ethnicities, and occupations to help create communities that support success, respect, and understanding.

In addition to his corporate shows and academic lectures, Paul Draper is frequently called upon as an expert in fields ranging from magical history to human consciousness. He has appeared as an expert on the History Channel, WB, A&E, HBO, and HGTV.


"Paul Draper is a modern day renaissance man with in-depth experience as a results-driven corporate trainer!"

Dr. Joseph Zompetti,
Professor of Rhetoric
Illinois State University