Helping Hospitals Heal with Paul Draper

Organizational Entertainment - "Mysteries of the Mind"

 An Excellent Opening or Finale to Your Custom Workshop Series

Team, Department, or Organization
1 Hour

Service Overview
Perfect for award ceremonies, luncheons, banquets, and breakfasts. In Paul Draper's one-man performance "Mysteries of the Mind," he tells people things they're thinking about. He reads their minds! Paul Draper asks audience members to think of a fairy tale or song, and then immediately tells them which one they're thinking of. He has the audience work in teams, and shows them how they can read each other's minds. He ends by psychically finding and describing objects, people, and places while completely blindfolded in layers of duct tape.

Mysteries of the Mind


"I learned the importance of presenting a new idea or change within the corporation. I appreciated being invited to this session. I do not love public speaking, and I feel that I learned some new techniques to be successful. I will use these ideas at staff meetings, organizational meetings, and with individuals."

Anne Walls, RN, BSN
Director Emergency Services