Helping Hospitals Heal with Paul Draper

Inter-Department Diversity Summit

Creating Unity by Celebrating Diversity

25-50 Attendees 4 Total Hours

Session Overview

The Inter-Departmental Diversity Summit brings together individuals from various departments throughout the organization. It is a celebration of the community over the course of two days. Participants will achieve a sense of pride in themselves and their work within the organization. The workshop incorporates elements of performance and public speaking by having each attendee share their story within the context of group presentations.

Day 1 - Team Unification 2 Hours

A celebration of community and understanding

Day 2 - Collaboration & Sharing 2 Hours

An opportunity for departments to present key issues within their team

The Inter-Department Diversity Summit is a high impact option for larger, complex organizations needing to optimize employee engagement across larger groups and makes an excellent complement to a multi-day schedule.


"Paul helped me to realize that drawing on the things I am passionate about outside of work can be tapped into to energize the way I present to and facilitate large groups. Paul has the ability to train on many different topics: communication, team building, and diversity awareness!"

Gabriel Brooks
Performance Excellence Facilitator & Trainer