Helping Hospitals Heal with Paul Draper

Essential Team Building

Creating Dynamic & Efficient Teams

20-30 Attendees 3 Total Hours

Session Overview

Essential Team Building involves bringing together groups of people whose jobs depend upon each other even though they may or may not directly interact with each other. Participants address a variety of issues that include: empathy, pain point awareness, corporate culture, and non-verbal cues, all of which create a greater understanding of community while training team members to become a chief and leader in the organization.

Conflict Resolution 2 Hours

Exploring and implementing models of effective conflict resolution

Communication Energizer 1 Hour

Demonstrating effective team and leader communication techniques

Essential Team Building takes the work achieved by your key leaders in the previous full day sessions and brings it to the staff level. Two sessions can be stacked--one morning one afternoon--to bring transformation to a maximum of sixty individuals per day.


"I learned the importance of presenting a new idea or change within the corporation. I appreciated being invited to this session. I do not love public speaking, and I feel that I learned some new techniques to be successful. I will use these ideas at staff meetings, organizational meetings, and with individuals."

Anne Walls, RN, BSN
Director Emergency Services