Helping Hospitals Heal with Paul Draper

Communication & Understanding



Intensive, Transformational Session for Leaders

8-15 Attendees 7 Total Hours

Session Overview

Communication & Understanding is focused on bringing together leaders within the organization to learn about topics that include: roles and responsibilities, team dynamics, communication, diversity, and motivation.

Leadership 2 Hours

Identifying motivation, learning styles, similarities, and differences

Communication 2 Hours

Creating unity through culture and interpersonal dynamics

Lunch Break (To be provided by location) 1 Hour

Performing Leadership 2 Hours

Writing speeches, overcoming obstacles, and presenting new ideas

Communication & Understanding is the foundational session for organizations invested in achieving lasting transformation. Contact us for more information on how Paul Draper's session will dovetail with larger group work for your program.




"The best part is that this will create value over time for the organization. Learning Paul Draper's different techniques has allowed us to create a transformational leadership environment."


Brad Guffin
Director Emergency Services